Friday, November 28, 2014 on the Foundation of Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch was created over four decades ago by the National Sheriffs’ Association, reports The program was designed to empower citizens and strengthen their relationships with local law enforcement officials. Additionally, it offered neighbors an opportunity to meet and form friendships to help the community as a whole.

Before encouraging others to take part in a Neighborhood Watch, it’s important to know exactly how each member can help, says Texas Lending. Examine the program’s history and background and learn how its processes might benefit the community. The National Neighborhood Watch Institute features a website that contains a number of resources and talking points.

Once all of the information has been organized, the representatives of advise interested parties to rally their neighbors and share the word about this tremendous program. In order to do so, create an invitation that includes the meeting place, time and date, along with a short summary of the itinerary. Distribute this invitation around the neighborhood at gathering places such as the library and post office. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – has become an increasingly powerful tool that allows community members to join in discussions and talk about their concerns. Going door to door to meet neighbors is another great option, notes Texas Lending.

Establishing a relationship with local officials is the foundation. The leadership team of points out that Neighborhood Watch would not hold nearly as much significance without the assistance of local law enforcement personnel. Contact local law enforcement and request that an officer be on hand for the first meeting. Ask the officer to present a few simple tips for developing a successful Neighborhood Watch and inform attendees about any crimes happening in the area.