Friday, December 26, 2014 Celebrates Holiday Season with Decorating Tips
For today’s homeowners, one of the greatest joys of the holiday seasons is decorating the exterior of the home with bright, colorful lights and other beautiful ornamentation that appeals to the rest of the neighborhood or community. To support these ambitious and thoughtful efforts, many landscape companies have offered their assistance and guidance for this complex task. The experienced leaders of outline a few significant concerns that may arise when planning these decoration projects and explain why safety may often be compromised.

Q: Before beginning to decorate, what steps should a homeowner take? The first part of the plan should include the inspection of all decorations, lights and extension cards to ensure that no wiring issues would occur.

Q: What type of electrical concerns may be at play while stringing up lights? Overloaded circuits are a common problem at homes in our area, although the use of LEDs in recent years has alleviated many of these concerns. When putting the finishing touches on the project, homeowners should verify that none of the light strands are pulled too tight. The results could be disastrous to say the least.

Q: How can people avoid electrocution or other injuries? Wiring damage in lights and extension cords may result in electrocution and even death. When crafting a beautiful lighting configuration to impress the neighbors, keep lights and extension cords away from ground water that may have collected in holes in the ground.

Q: If I need to use a ladder for hard-to-reach places, what advice would you give? If the roof is too high or too step, never risk injury by making the climb anyway. Acquiring the services of a trained professional might be the best possible choice. A landscape expert knows all about the different products and installation methods that are necessary to complete this project in a timely fashion with no safety shortcuts.